Michelle Waldele, Fine Artist
  Oil Paintings
  Greeting Cards
A Prize in Every Box
Apples From Home
Apples to Market
Around The World in 80 Days
Autumn Bouquet
Bee Smoker
Blues and Nest
Bordeaux Blanc
Bruegel Peasant Dance
Can You Fly?
Coffee Break
Doll and Sewing Machine
Down From The Attic
Down from the Attic II
Dragon Tales
Duck, Duck, Goose
Fire Drill
First Quilt
Flights of Fancy
Flora and Fauna
Follow the Leader
Fortune Teller
French Picnic
Garden Frog and Bee
Gimme A Boost
Glorious Remnants II
Goldfinch and Sunbursts
Green Glass and Shells
Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach II
Heade's Hummingbirds
Helleborus and Narcissus
Home From Vacation
I Spy
Ironing Day II
Late Summer Glory
Little Bird Perched
Maple and Hydrangea
Measuring Up
Midnight Flights Of Fancy
Oma's Singer
Pears with Bee
Pinocchio Tells His Tale
Pinocchio Tells His Tale II
Portrait of an Artist
Queen Alice and the White Knight
Quince and Anna's Hummingbird
Saturday Matinee
Saturday Sewing
Sea Foam and Linen
Sewing Machine and Apron
Shells and Nest
Silver and Gold Friends
Singer 99k
Steam Engine with Track Plan
Summer Roses
Sunset Hummingbird
Swallowtail and Green Glass
Tales Of The Sea
Tall Tales
Tea and Toast
The Drive-In
Thoughts of Ellen
To Sail the Seven Seas
Tonka Farms
Tool Box
Tools From The Shed
Treasures From The Sea
Truck Farm
Tulips with Bee
Viewmaster II
What's It Do?
Wild Blue Yonder
Wishing On A Star
The Seamstress